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I'm not good in English

My colleagues will think I’m stupid if the hear me

They don’t get the respect me because of my awful English

If I speak up I’ll say something wrong and that will be remembered forever

Then all my colleagues will think I’m even more stupid and I'll loose even more respect

I’ll never be given the recognition I deserve so I’ll have to stay in this job forever, how emabarrising

And, I’ll be the first person to lose job if there are redundancies in the company

Without English I have no chance of new job because all the good jobs ask for English

I won't be able to justify my lack of progression and promotion at work, so I'll look even worse.

I hate promoting myself, I can’t sell my skills, especially in English when everyone else is so good.

I'm so stupid, people must think I'm a complete idiot for not saying anything

I'm so glad my partner doesn't see me like this, they'd also think I’m a complete looser

What if they did find out, and all my family saw what a failure I am

I wouldn't be able to look them in the eye ever again

What if I lost my job, all because I can't sell myself

We wouldn't be able to afford to go on holiday

Or be able to afford to pay rent

We'd be kicked out of apartment

The kids would go into care

I'd be cut off from society

I'd loose my friends 

On streets 

No hope


If these are some of the thoughts that are going around your head, and you can't find a way to free yourself from them, you're not alone. There is a way to quieten your mind. There are ways for you to start speaking up for yourself at work without advanced level English, and without overwhelming yourself. If you need a different perspective. If you need support to get through this, I can help. Message me.

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