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Flowers on Wood

Coaching packages

One off

60 minute session 195€  

Standard package

6 x 60 minute sessions 900€

Executive package

3000€ 12 x 60 minute sessions over 3 months

incorporating English language training, presentations training, and coaching

Group coaching (6 participants)

450€ monthly 120 minute group sessions over 6 months

Combination packages (individual or group)

From 300€ per month

1 x month 120 minute coaching session

3 x month 90 minute language training

Workshops (8 - 12 participants)

1400€ full day

600€ half day

Speaking up in English for Introverts - Video download


Start by learning to understand your fear of speaking English with this short video course. Includes 3 exercises to understand your fears and take the first step towards breaking free of them. 

Want to know more?


Download the full coaching programme here

Am I worth it?
and other such doubts.

For some reason people tend to be reluctant to pay out on life coaching. They’d rather spend their hard earned cash on shiny trinkets that give instant albeit temporary gratification.

Top performers and athletes all have coaches, even the local primary school football team have a coach, so why not you? 

Coaching is an investment for life, and you’re worth it. By all means try some of the well advertised methods for improving your presenting skills in English;  take (another) English course, brush upon your grammar, learn more vocabulary, watch inspiring TED talks in English by motivational speakers.

However, if you’ve tried all that and are still struggling to communicate easily in English, check my availability and book a time to chat to me. 

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Let's get started!

Check my availability and book a free 20 minute session to talk about your needs.

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