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Working with parts of ourselves

As human beings we have a complex sense of identity. We’re social beings and each of us has many roles to play within the family unit, work place, community and society at large. We also all have a unique personality each with many facets that reflect the experiences we’ve had during our lives.

We utilise these different parts of our character and personality each day depending on our environment and role. For example at work we display different parts of ourselves than when we’re at home with our family or out with our friends.

Some of these parts were probably with us at birth, others have developed over time, forged by the experiences we’ve had throughout our lives. There are confident parts, frightened parts, rebellious parts and conservative parts. We have courageous parts that drive us towards a goal, and we have protector parts that do all they can to prevent us from experiencing pain and rejection.

It’s a brilliant system, until… it isn’t. Until a strong protector part stops us from moving forward towards a goal. Until a frightened part prevents us from getting out there and having fun. Until a rebellious part convinces us that it’s okay to act recklessly, and so on. These parts of ourselves are so ingrained into our being, we can be quite unaware of their presence and effect on our lives.

These parts can appear as a feeling, a thought or a mental image often quite subconsciously, and interestingly enough we tend to trust and obey them. Why is this? Because somewhere on a deeper level we know that they are parts of ourselves and they want the best for us.

There’s just one problem. Some of these parts were forged at an earlier time when the characteristic they bring was essential, but now it’s no longer appropriate. In fact it’s holding us back. We’ve grown up and moved on, but this part of us hasn’t.

A scared part that was formed when your plane hit turbulence. A shy part that formed when you felt overwhelmed on your first day at school. A protective part that wants to make sure no one ever breaks your heart again. A part that took it to heart when it was made to feel worthless and will make you doubt yourself and hold you back from applying for promotion or that dream job.

So welcome to parts-therapy coaching, the place where you become acquainted with the parts of yourself which have been forged through the experiences of your life. The safe place where you get acquainted with your parts and together we mould them into something new. Into new parts that help you overcome challenges, reach goals, be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live, inline with your core.

Welcome to parts-therapy coaching with Louise Jefferies

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