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Helping introverts speak up in English at work to get the recognition they both desire and deserve.

“What I like about my sessions with Louise is that she doesn’t try to fix me with a technique, she helps me to find my own way, my own solution."

Norbert, Munich



I help introverted highly sensitive people become comfortable speaking up in English with their colleagues so that they can promote themselves and  their work and get the recognition they both deserve and desire.


Hi I'm Louise, I’ve been teaching business English for over 25 years and I understand the fears surrounding speaking English at work, particularly as an introvert and non-native. The majority of individuals who come to me wanting to improve their English don’t actually have an English problem, they have a sensitivity and confidence problem. 


If you're a non-native English speaker, working in multinational teams and feel anxious speaking English in front of your colleagues you can rest assured that this anxiety is completely normal. The fear of public speaking is estimated to affect around 75% of the population... and that's for native speakers. So, speaking up in a foreign language both within your team, or at an external event, is considerably more frightening and stressful, particularly as an introvert.

The good news is that in actual fact your insecurities, self doubt and fear of making mistakes aren’t impossible to overcome. Many of the people I work with find that once they start addressing their fears directly, they start to understand how and why their fears have come about. They also start to experience compassion for themselves and once this happens many of them in time are able to not only speak up in English but also promote themselves and their work.

So, if you're not getting the recognition you deserve and desire, check my availability and let’s start by having a chat.

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