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Coaching Sessions


Am I worth it?

... and other such doubts

For some reason people can be reluctant to pay out on life coaching. They’d rather spend their hard earned cash on shiny trinkets that give instant albeit temporary gratification.

Top performers and athletes all have coaches, even the local primary school football team have a coach, so why not you?


Life coaching is an investment for life, and you’re worth it. 


By all means try to sort yourself out and save yourself some financial outlay;  take a holiday, read some self help books (message me if you'd like some suggestions), meditate, do yoga, exercise, cut out the crap in your life.


However, if you’ve tried all that and still feel stuck, book an introductory session with me, and see where that takes us. 

The fact that you’re still here reading this suggests you‘ve already done some of that are still feeling stuck… so, do yourself a favour hit the magic button and invest in some coaching.

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