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Tidying up before the cleaner arrives.

An expat approached me the other week to talk about the feelings of overwhelm she was experiencing. She was keen for coaching to help her sort her life out and get it moving in a different direction. She then told me that as soon as she was in a better space she’d get back in contact to arrange a time for our session.

I was thinking about her this morning on my morning jog, and an old memory came back to me. I was a young girl, perhaps 6 years old and my grandma was talking to a friend who had a cleaner. They had only been talking on the phone for a few minutes when the call ended because the friend had to tidy up before the cleaner came. Yes, that’s right, she had to clean the house before the cleaner arrived! My grandma tried to explain it to me but the innocent wisdom of my child’s brain saw no sense in it at all.

Now of course, but I get it. And whereas the immature ‘wise’ child laughed at the lady for her behaviour the more mature ‘stupid’ me today understands and has great compassion for that lady and the pressure she feels from society to achieve certain standards and ‘be' a certain way.

Getting back my client, I completely understand and agree that some times are better than others to concentrate on ‘stuff’. However, when it comes to coaching putting it off is a little like tidying up before the cleaner arrives. I don’t need you to be in your best form. I’m here to help you at all times without judgement of how you may look on the inside or the outside. I’m here to help you clean things up, however ‘untidy’ it’s become.

So, if you’ve already decided you’d like my help please for your own sake don’t put yourself under pressure to ‘tidy up’ first. Every day you put off starting with me, is another day you spend being harassed by your situation.

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