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Living well

I think that to live well and comfortably, the most important things to learn are what we as individuals need and how to manage ourselves. By this I mean understanding when we need peace, quiet and solitude, and when we need to be in the company of others. We need to understand and respect when we need to shout, scream and release our emotions, and when we need to withdraw within ourselves and be silent. We need to learn what our triggers and what get us agitated and we need to learn how release and let go of stuff. And, ideally we need to learn how to do all of these things and more without offending offending too many people for the majority of the time. Not because other peoples feelings and beliefs are more important than our own, but basically because living with conflict on a daily basic is exhausting and not good for our health, or others‘.

By taking the time to tune into how we‘re really feeling and how this is affecting our life we can make good conscious decisions for our life. When we live consciously rather than sticking our head in the sand, we can the direction we’re heading in and we can form a strategy to manage ourselves and intercept an “event” before it happens if we wish. Equally, if we choose, we can consciously accept the direction we‘re heading in and prepare ourselves for what might be ahead.

Basically, once we understand and respect who we are at our core and learn how to manage ourselves and give ourselves what we need to live well, we can prevent ourselves from sabotaging our lives and start living a good life.

This of course is a process, it takes attention and flexibility as well as courage, as our needs change over time. But its our life, and personally, I think we’re worth the effort. Those of us who are fortunate get to live for 90, 100 years and more, why wouldn’t we want to live those years well, if we can?

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