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Giving in to our fears!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I can honestly say I’ve had a good life. But this doesn’t mean it’s always been simple or easy and of course I have my own fair share of fears. For example, I love the thrill of riding on the back of my boyfriend’s Ducatti, but am terrified of riding even a scooter by myself. I enjoy rollercoasters and doing aerobatics in small aircraft, but am frightened of going down hills fast, particularly on bicycles, skis or snowboards. I feel very comfortable around animals of all sizes but don’t like or trust fish.

Despite, or perhaps because of these fears from time to time I actively pursue things that scare me so as not to give into the fear of doing them. So, I taught myself to snowboard, bought a mountain bike and plan to take my motorbike licence just because I just don’t like giving in to my fears.

Choosing to behave as I do helps me overcome the voice that says I can’t, because in actual fact I’ve learnt that for the most part I can. And I don’t like the way it feels to live in fear. Having said that there are some fears that I choose not to work on… and that’s also ok. It’s about having the choice and not being dictated to.

My point is that I also struggle, but I’ve learnt to live and through my experiences I can help you throw off your shackles and life the life you deserve. Just don’t expect me to come and admire your new aquarium!

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